Today more than ever it is essential for your business image to be the best it can be. Everybody knows how important first impressions are, but did you know that first impressions are made within the first seven seconds of seeing someone for the first time? 

Your headshot is your personal logo for your personal brand. We're here to ensure you're putting your best face forward. 

Do you want to make the best possible impression with a professional photo? Book in for a quick and easy session with Shane Rozario at his studio in Chippendale.


Anup Arora, Chef and creator of Spice Vine


"Used strategically, photography can give you an edge over your competitors."

- Shane Rozario


"Shane's work in professional portraits was outstanding. Many people are not comfortable in front of a camera but Shane gets the absolute best results. He is thorough, he made everyone feel relaxed. He explained how and why, all the way through. He made suggestions which dramatically improved the final results. If you want a professional portrait, you will get the best value from Shane"

- Rob Dash InXpress Sutherland. (International Import / Export Specialist)


Quay Restaurant's Peter Gilmore, sous chefs and managers. 


“A photographer’s responsibility is to understand the needs of their clients and take them where they can't take themselves.”

- Shane Rozario


Maven Recruitment






What should I do to prepare for my power portrait session?

Personal grooming like your hair, makeup and wardrobe will need your attention before arriving to the studio for your portrait session. If you are going to visit your hairdresser, you may want to time it so it falls in line with your shoot.

Do you offer on location headshots? 

Yes, we can come to you and set up in your space. For more information please contact us via email or phone call.

What should I wear to my power portrait session?

These portraits are your first impression before you physically meet your contact. Your aim is to choose your wardrobe so that you come across as familiar to people who will meet you. Dress as you would dress as your professional persona.

Should I wear jewellery in my power portrait? 

This is subjective and if you are known to wear jewellery then it would be fitting thing to include. If you're not sure, bring it with you and we can decide at the time of the shoot.

What happens during the photoshoot?

We will take a few pictures to test the lighting and then we will begin the session. We will take photos in stages, always visiting what we are getting and ensuring you are happy with the direction we are going in.

You will be supported from the beginning to the end with clear and educative instructions to obtain a flattering photograph. Your photographer Shane Rozario will coach you with instructions about how to stand, where to look, what to do with your hands and most importantly how to hold yourself and reflect a professional composition in front of the camera. 

Can I see my images during the shoot?

Absolutely. We encourage you to view the results as we get them. It’s really important for us to create an image you feel comfortable with.

What happens after the shoot?

Before the end of the session we will have shortlisted a bunch of preferred photographs together. We may have also selected a final shot you think will be your preferred portrait. Within a day you will receive a link to an online gallery with access to view the remaining files and you can choose additional files if your thing you can use them. These additional images can be downloaded quite reasonably for $30 each.

How long until I receive my images? 

You will receive your final portrait in both the high resolution and the web ready specification within 1-2 days of the shoot. 

How will I receive my images? 

Your images are delivered digitally although our online gallery, via We Transfer (online file transfer program) or via Dropbox.

Do you offer headshot printing? 

We have trusted partners who be use for all our printing requirements. If you would like to print or publish any of your photographs or books, please get in touch with us.